About Beacon

About Beacon

At Beacon, we understand the stresses caused by financial pressures and we endeavour to provide professional advice in a sympathetic and understanding manner.

We deliver tailored solutions to company directors, business owners and individuals experiencing financial hardship and problems.

We also offer assistance to professional advisors such as accountants and solicitors to ensure that their clients are given the most appropriate advice for their situation.

At Beacon, we have a dedicated team that will deal with all of your requirements on a personal level, with solutions that will be led by local partners. You can be sure that when you deal with Beacon, whatever your situation, it will be dealt with in a professional and cost effective way.

Whether you are a business or an individual, there is always something that can be done.

Beacon has Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and business advisors with over 50 years experience.

So, to start to deal with your financial difficulties contact us to find the best possible outcome for you - 01722 788007.