Personal Solutions

Personal Solutions

When financial problems start to mount, asking for help can be the hardest thing to do - but it is often the most critical. That is why we offer a free no-obligation consultation; so call us on 01722 788007

Harassing phone calls or knocks at the door?

  • Are you at the stage where you are afraid to open your post?
  • Does the knock at the door fill you with dread?

The first step to resolving your debt is to contact one of our friendly team.

Individuals and Sole Traders – any debts owed by an individual or sole trader are treated the same; there is no distinction between business creditors and personal debts. In Insolvency business creditors and personal debts are treated the same and are entitled to a share of your business and personal assets and property.

Debt advice comes in many forms. At Beacon we provide independent advice, impartial and tailored to suit you; realistic help to get you back on track

Losing your home and bankruptcy are not inevitable with insolvency - even where your liabilities are considerably more than your assets. As experienced insolvency practitioners, we can often persuade creditors to agree a practical and achievable individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or debt management plan. No more nightmares, just realistic help to get you back on track.

Call us now – 01722 788007

The earlier you act, the sooner you can be in financial control. Call your local Beacon office today to arrange your free initial consultation and find out about the various personal insolvency options available.

At Beacon you can discuss your affairs with an experienced Insolvency Practitioner, not a call-centre